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The 3 C’s pillars of our tours
Our tours are based on three core aspects: Culture, Community and Customization.

Both cultural heritage and local culture are a huge part of tourism. To get outside our comfort zone and meet new cultures is probably one of the main reasons why people travel. Culture makes each place special and unique. To find new ways of living, new tastes, unfamiliar traditions and original monuments and buildings enrich our personal experience. That is why culture is a central piece of our tours. Culture may not be the main reason of the trip, but in one way or the other you will encounter local culture in the tour. It can be on a guided tour, visiting a market, tasting the local gastronomy, visiting a factory or farm, participating in local festivities or doing a workshop.
When travelling we are never alone. Specially in group travels, you will always be around like-minded fellow travellers, that will help you build the sense of community. People you can share those special moments of your vacations. But more importantly, the local inhabitants play an important role in every destination. Have you ever visited a place and thought “I wouldn't mind living here”? This sensation is one of the best you can have, when you feel good, save and like you belong. We have this in mind in all our tours when choosing the accommodation, activities, and places to visit that can give you a real sense of community.

All our tours are tailor-made. Although we work with group tours, we do not offer pre-made general tours. We listen to each client needs and try to understand the target market. Only then we design from scratch a unique trip for you.
We work within a variety of special interest groups, like religious travel, gastronomy, agricultural tours, cultural and historical, nature and wildlife, long-stays and multi-country tours. Each one of these niches have a world of options to make each tour customized and unique.

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